Costs of Accreditation

  • There are no Application Fees applicable to becoming an Accredited "Integrity in Transportation" Provider.
  • Each Accredited "Integrity in Transportation" Provider. is charged USD 250 as an Activation Fee upon acceptance and USD 100 per quarter thereafter as an Accreditation Fee. These fees are payable by Credit Card using the PayPal Subscription facilities and cover Administrative & Accreditation Fees which include:
    • Listing your Company on our FREE search facility.
    • Initial Application Processing, Investigation and on-going quarterly review.
    • Approval to display the Accredited "Integrity in Transportation" Provider Seal on your Company letterhead, website and other literature.
    • Ability to print/email your Accredited "Integrity in Transportation" Provider Certificate to 3rd parties.
  • If the Applicant is a Member in good standing of any of our Supporting Groups and Networks, our initial Activation Fee of USD 250 and on-going Accreditation Fee of USD 100/quarter are waived and becoming anAccredited "Integrity in Transportation" Provider is a completely FREE service.

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