Benefits of Accreditation

  • Providing 3rd parties with tangible proof that, as an Accredited "Integrity in Transportation" Provider, your Company believes in ethics, integrity and fair dealing.
  • Provides legitimate reasons why and how any attempted corruption/bribery attempts against your Company can be avoided.
  • Providing your clients, customers and overseas partners/agents with a facility to transact business with a Company that has anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies in place by being an Accredited "Integrity in Transportation" Provider by an independent 3rd party.
  • Quarterly reporting requirements that ensure that your information and Accreditation is current.
  • Avoiding the necessity of 3rd parties having to undertake their own due-diligence of your Company pursuant to the provisions of the US "Foreign Corrupt Practices Act", the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development’s "Convention on Combating Bribery" and the UK "Bribery Act 2010" and other country specific laws.
  • Ability to send a copy of your Accredited "Integrity in Transportation" Provider Certificate to 3rd parties such as customers, vendors, overseas agents, etc.
  • Approval to use the Accredited "Integrity in Transportation" Provider Seal on your Company letterhead, website and other literature.
  • Accreditation is a FREE service to members of our Supporting Groups and Networks and a low-cost service to non-members.  Please visit our Costs of Accreditation for additional information.

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